Does your logo represent your brand properly?

Your logo needs to represent your brand properly but for most small businesses that do not have brand recognition a logo needs to look professional and communicate clearly who you are and what you do.  At Inkstitution we see hundreds of logos pass through the workshop.  We recognise the importance of a good clear logo.  The best logos for turning in to embroidery for a garment or printing on workwear are high resolution files so the end result is a clear crisp logo on your clothing.

If your logo is poor quality and unclear it may leave your customers questioning how well you are able to deliver your products and services.  Poor design can lead to poor engagement with  your business.  If you are thinking of putting your logo on some work clothing and your logo is poor quality it might be worth thinking about cleaning it up, making it a better quality and possibly updating it so that the end result works better for you.

Think about colour.  Its really important to think about how your logo is perceived by others.  For example a lot of people don't' like pink so depending on your industry pink may not be a wise choice for your logo.  However if you are in a very female orientated business like a beauty salon a soft colour like pink or purple may be just what you need.

Font is key.  Typography can be used to determine the tone of your voice and personality.  Fonts are basically a design element for  your logo and as important as the colours or any icons you may use.  Maybe your font is outdated?  Sometimes a simple update to a modern or timeless font might be all your logo needs.

At Inkstitution we have an in house design team who will be happy to discuss your logo with you if you would like to make changes.  Make your branded workwear work for you and stand out from your competitors.

We are based on the Horspath trading estate in Oxford and you can visit our workwear workshop by appointment.  Contact us now to find out how we can help with your branded clothing.  We have a large stock of clothing and offer embroidery, heat transfer and direct to garment printing.

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