We are experiencing some lovely weather at the moment and thought it might be useful to answer one of our most popular questions on fabrics that are good for warm weather.

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for summer and hot weather. It can be fairly cost-effective and we have access to a huge stock of cotton clothing in lots of fantastic colours.  Cotton is great for the heat, it's soft lightweight and breathable.  It soaks up sweat and allows heat to escape.

Linen is another great choice for warmer weather.  It's light and breathable. It absorbs moisture and dries quickly keeping you cool and dry.  Cost is a little higher for linen and the range is not as extensive as cotton garments.

Rayon is a man made fabric from blended cotton, wood pulp and other fibers.  Rayon was invented as a cheaper alternative to silk (silk is also a good summer fabric).  Rayon is very light preventing sticking to the body in hot weather.  Good for sports wear and summer dresses.  Rayon can shrink in warm water so may not be a suitable fabric for workwear that gets a lot of use.

Denim.  Made from tightly woven cotton so its breathable material absorbs sweat like cotton.  The disadvantages are it can be very heavy and thick so can feel a little too heavy for hot weather.

Polyester.  This is a synthetic fabric made from durable plastic fibers.  Commonly used for workout clothes because of its sweat wicking capabilities.  It dries fast, again making it suitable for sports clothing.

Nylon.  Similar to polyester, a lightweight fabric used a lot in athletic wear.  Nylon is designed to move sweat away from the body which makes it a cool fabric in hot humid weather.  The fabric is light and stretchy so if printing on Nylon we would suggest a transfer that has a slight stretch to move with the fabric.

Silk is a natural fibre and very luxurious.  The process of harvesting the fibres from silkworm cocoons is expensive resulting in high production costs making it a more expensive and luxurious fabric.  A drawback is that silk doesn't absorb sweat and can leave noticeable stains.

We are able to brand all types of fabrics and can offer a wide range of clothing for your business to suit all your needs.