The Best Fabrics for Cold Weather

January 18, 2023By adminBranded Clothing, Tips, Workwear

Temperatures have dipped again!  The best fabrics for keeping you warm. Down You have probably heard of down when looking at puffer coats or padded gillets.  Down is a great insulator, typically geese or duck feathers are used in these products.  The higher the feather count the warmer the garment will be.  The garments can be … Read More

The importance of a good clear logo

July 21, 2022By adminTips

Does your logo represent your brand properly? Your logo needs to represent your brand properly but for most small businesses that do not have brand recognition a logo needs to look professional and communicate clearly who you are and what you do.  At Inkstitution we see hundreds of logos pass through the workshop.  We recognise … Read More